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RWA 2018 Annual Conference: Thoughts from a Newbie

For the past four weeks our family life has been on fast forward - so busy I barely had a chance to stop and catch a breath. Between one of my children going into hospital (she's fine now) to my hubby leaving for a work conference as our daughter was still in hospital...

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Conference Time!

So for the first time ever I'm going to a conference! I'm headed to Sydney for the Australian  Romance Writer's Conference. I'm excited and nervous all rolled into one pocket package. A couple of years ago my husband and I decided if we are really going to make a go...

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The Power of the Cover

In book world we like to talk about how book covers are essential. They are the wrapping on the product and if it's not done well, then the product isn't going to sell as well. I'm still on my journey to publication but I want to share a quick story about reading...

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My Confession

Hi Everyone, I've started blogging at Adventures Yet Unwritten with my friend Yoxani. Together we are sharing our journey to publication with all its highs and lows. Come and join us there. Here's my first post: My Confession:...

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